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Affordable Beauty Haul

Happy 12.12.12 everyone! :) I hope you are all having a great December so far!

Tonight I am posting another beauty haul for you. 

I wanted to share some of the items I have picked up recently because they are so affordable. Christmas is approaching us quickly and a lot of these products would make great gifts or stocking stuffers for any makeup lover on your list of people you wish to give gifts to this year.

I hope by sharing hauls like this one, it shows all of you ladies out there who may not have much money to spend on makeup that you can still access great products and look beautiful - without going broke.

If you are on a budget and want some great product recommendations or some budget friendly Christmas gifts for makeup lovers, keep on reading!

I went to Sally Beauty Supply, Wal*Mart, Shoppers Drug Mart and Dollarama. I saved all receipts and will be providing prices for all items shown.

Let's get into the haul!

Beyond B2 Belief lotions in "Pomegranate Fig" and "Vanilla Joy" ~ $0.99 each

I love these! I don't often say that about lotions - but they are moisturizing and soak into your skin almost instantly. They also smell delicious!

Real Colors Hydra Eyes waterproof gel eye liner pencil in "Beguiled Black" ~ $4.99

I have been trying to get my hands on this forever! I used to have a brown one, but I used it all and every time I would go to Sally's this one would be sold out. It was finally available so of course I grabbed it. It works just as good as the brown one did - waterproof, long lasting, very creamy and extremely pigmented. Amazing!

Sally Girl Angle Eyeshadow Brush ~ $0.99

For $0.99, this brush performs very well! It works great for applying shadows in the crease, I was pleasantly surprised!

China Glaze nail polish in "Ruby Pumps" (mini) ~ $1.69

This color is a popular favorite from China Glaze. I don't know what girl wouldn't love this stunning shade! It's a perfect stocking stuffer and a great price if you want to try it before buying the larger version.

Sally Girl nail polish ~ $0.99

This nail polish doesn't have a name, sorry ladies. It is a gorgeous polish with purple, pink and teal glitters. Sally Girl has many other shades and finishes to choose from for nail polish.


China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat ~ $5.50


When I was at Wal*Mart, they were sold out of the Sally Hansen top coat I like to use, so I picked this up when I was at Sally's as it is my second choice. This works really well for making your manicures long lasting and shiny. It also dries your nails in 60-90 seconds. I recommend it if you are looking for a good quick dry top coat.

China Glaze nail polish in "Get Carried Away" (from the Cirque du Soleil collection) ~ $5.50

China Glaze nail polishes were 2 for $11 so I decided to choose a polish too when I got the top coat shown above. I absolutely love this glamour in a bottle!! it is definitely the most unique in my collection to date. I can't wait to wear it! I will be sure to post swatches when I do for those of you who want to see it.

First off from Wal*Mart I purchased a few items from Hard Candy's 2012 holiday collection!

Hard Candy Beauty Glam Kit ~ $5

I have tried some of the shadows in this palette already and I must say, the pigmentation and color choice is amazing, they also last just as long as all the other Hard Candy eye shadows I have tried. Pretty good quality for the price, definitely a great Christmas gift! The only complaint I have about this palette is that there are no matte shades.

Hard Candy mini nail polishes and glitter lip gloss ~ $1 each


These are great products for $1, I will be grabbing more for myself and for others! The quality is just as good as Hard Candy's full sized products. The polishes and gloss do not have names.

Maybelline New York Color Tattoo Metal 24hr eyeshadow by Eye Studio in "Barely Branded" ~ $6.96

Once again, this is a product I have been dying to get my hands on. All of us beauty girls asked Maybelline to make a nude skin tone Color Tattoo and they listened to us and gave us what we wanted!! I have been using this as a primer for my shadows of all finishes every day since I got it. There is a slight metallic finish to this shade but it is very light and makes anything put over top of it last all day like all of the other colors from this line. I very highly recommend this product!!

I also purchased a Maybelline Color Show nail lacquer in "Twilight Rays" ($2.98) but I have already featured it in a tutorial on this blog - see my last post before this one for photos and swatches!

I just couldn't help myself! I had to go back to Shoppers and get some more goodies to try from Essence cosmetics. I really like the 4 products from Essence that I bought previously so I decided to try 4 more.

Essence Sun Club Glamour to go Eyeshadow Palette in "02 Long Beach" ~ $4.49

I have tried every color in this palette. Some shades are glittery, some are shimmery and the dark brown shade is matte which I love! These shadows are highly pigmented,  they last long and blend well. They are so fantastic for the price, the color selection in the palette is very pretty too!

Essence Stay All Day long lasting eyeshadow in "02 Glammy Goes To" ~ $3.99

These long wearing cream shadows from Essence are very similar to the Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoos. Although I prefer the texture and color selection of the Maybelline ones more, I will say these work almost as well and they are almost half the price. The shade I chose is a gold-bronze shade with a vibrant metallic finish.

Essence Volumizing Lash Powder ~ $3.49

Unfortunately I have not been able to try this product yet. I will let you know though if it is a hit or a miss!

Essence Color & Go nail polish in "105 Party Princess" ~ $1.99

This polish is a pink gel over coat with multi-colored glitter in it. I have not tried it over any polishes yet but I did swatch it on my bare nail and it looked so sparkly and pretty, I am excited to use it and try more Essence nail polishes!

The last place I went to was Dollarama. I just grabbed some nail polish, lipstick and a couple essentials.

Revlon nail polish ~ $2 each

I am sure these shades are discontinued, as they are for sale at Dollarama, but they work fine as if they were just put on the shelves yesterday. Every time I see a new shade that I like, I always grab it. $2 is a bargain for Revlon nail polishes!

Names of polishes from L to R: "011 Sheer Rose" (sheer finish), "110 Really Rosy", "285 Oh My Magenta", and "400 Ignite" (Top Speed fast dry - shimmer finish).

Wet 'n' Wild Lipstick in "519A Hot Red" ~ $1.50

I really enjoy Wet 'n' Wild's eyeshadow and nail polish, so when I saw that they had lipstick at Dollarama for $1.50 I figured why not give it a try? Most of the colors available had a shimmer or a frosty finish which I personally don't like in my lipsticks. This bold bright red shade compliments my pale skin tone and has a silky creamy matte finish. I have tried it, it is long lasting and feels good on the lips. I will be glad to buy more if they have a creamy finish! 

The last two items I got from Dollarama are just some essential beauty items I needed for when I am out or travelling. I picked up some sparkly hair clips to keep my hair out of my face ($1) and some travel containers ($2) - these are great for your purse, you can transfer the products you love to smaller containers making it more convenient to carry your essentials with you!


There you have it, that is my affordable beauty haul. 

I hope my product recommendations helped you out if you are on a budget or looking for price wise Christmas gifts for women. 

All of the items above are true bargains compared to some of the higher-end versions of them that you can buy.

Always remember, looking beautiful doesn't have to be expensive!

If you have any comments or requests, please leave them below, I love hearing from you!


Peace and Love until next time.

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