Friday, 23 November 2012

Sparkly Black & Magenta Diagonal French Manicure

Happy Friday everyone!! 

How was your week? Mine was busy as usual, so last night I took some time for me and gave myself a manicure. Since I love how it turned out, I thought I would show you all how to do it too!

Achieving this look is super simple! This is a great design for nail art beginners and for people who may not have much time to do fancy designs on their nails.

Keep reading if you want to see how I did this nail art design!

Items you will need to achieve the look:

Base Coat

Two nail polishes (Colors of your choice, you do not have to do black and magenta...switch it up to your own taste)

Top Coat

Scotch Tape

Here's how easy it is!

Step 1

Apply your base coat, I used Rimmel London's "Base Coat Top Coat Pro".

Step 2

Apply 2 coats of your base color, I chose Revlon's Nail Enamel in "285 Oh My Magenta".

Step 3

Allow your base color to dry COMPLETELY. It's extremely important that your nails are dry before continuing to the next step, this will avoid any mistakes later on.

Step 4

When your base color is 100% dry, it's time to prepare your nails for the diagonal french manicure. I used Scotch tape for this step. You can use anything else you think may work if you don't have/want to use Scotch tape - eg. other kinds of tape, or nail art stickers designed for this type of manicure.

Scotch Tape Method:

Get a medium sized piece of tape and stick it on the back of your hand a few times to take some of the stickiness away.

Place the tape diagonally on each nail (try to do this as even as possible on all 10). I started from the far tip of my nail and brought the tape to just under the halfway point on the other side. You can adjust placement of the tape to how much or how little of your accent color you want showing. Hopefully you can get the idea of how to apply the tape from the photo above.

Step 5

Apply your accent color one nail at a time, I chose Maybelline New York's nail lacquer in "Twilight Rays" from their Color Show line. Then simply peel off the tape. Take your time with this step to prevent smudging, but don't take too long - you don't want the polish to dry before you remove the tape.

After you have completed this step on all of your nails they should look something like this:

Step 6

Let your nails dry again, then clean around your cuticles and touch up any mistakes. 

Step 7 

After your gorgeous design is done, finish it off with a shiny top coat. I used Sally Hansen's "Insta-Dri Anti-Chip" top coat.

The Finished Look:

I hope you all enjoyed my tutorial and that some of you beginners out there give this design a shot. I think it looks beautiful with all different types of color combinations and nail lengths. You can also glam it up by adding studs or diamonds along the line separating the two colors.

If you do this, please facebook or tweet me a photo! It would be great to see some other variations of this manicure. 

Thanks so much for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

Peace. Love.

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