Friday, 18 November 2011

Review - O.P.I Black Shatter Nail Lacquer

Review ~ O.P.I ~ Black Shatter

Hey everyone. Tonight I am going to give my review on O.P.I's Black Shatter nail lacquer. I just had to review this one, because unfortunately I am really disappointed in the quality of this product.

This is a "crackle" nail polish - you wear a lighter color underneath and it separates on your nails making a crackle effect (like the design on the cover of the polish shown above) letting the light color peek through. These are great, I have many crackle polishes from other brands that I love very much. I did not care for this one at all though, here's why:

This polish applied and looked great for the first two weeks that I owned it. After just a few weeks I could not remove the lid because the polish somehow got stuck to the outside of the bottle opening and the inside of the applicator making it impossible to open. Still to this day I have to run it under very hot water for 2-3 minutes to get the lid to come off. (This trick always works like a charm!) After one month of owning this product the formula became clumpy and very difficult to apply as a result of this and stopped working altogether. All that happens now when I apply it is basically nothing. It no longer creates a crackle effect and it ends up looking like a clumpy mess. I tried running the brush under hot water to remove the clumps and revive the polish but the formula itself is now chunky and it cannot be fixed. The bristles on the brush are all stuck together as well. The cost for it was around $12 CAD at a random salon in a mall. I expected it to last me a long time as O.P.I polishes normally do. I have also asked around out of curiosity and every person I spoke to who owned this polish had similar complaints to mine. This one was a total fail for me! 

Here are some pictures of what my bottle of Black Shatter looks like:

Please know that I have nothing against O.P.I as a brand in general - this is just my opinion on this product and I wanted to share my experiences with it. 

I highly recommend China Glaze CRACKLEglaze in "Black Mesh" as an alternative to this one, it works much better without all of the mess and it is almost half the price ($6.99 at Sally Beauty Supply). 

Please let me know about your experiences with this product I would love to know if you enjoy it or if you have the same complaints about it as I do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review. 


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