Friday, 18 November 2011

Small Sally Beauty Supply Haul

Small Haul - Sally Beauty Supply

Hey Ladies!!! Hope you are all having a wonderful November! I am so sorry for the lack of posts lately, life has been hectic around here. It's also been snowing a lot where I live and it is starting to get super cold! I finally have a night to myself so I thought I would share what I purchased at my recent trip to Sally's.

I actually only went to Sally's to get some hair color (my roots are showing big time!) but I ended up getting a couple other things. Here are the goodies:

My current hair color is Ion Color Brilliance liquid permanent hair color in "Dark Brown". If you want to see what it looks like on the hair, check out some previous blog posts written before this one. I really love this color on me and the brand Ion itself. These colors only cost $4.99 and they are salon quality. I also grabbed some of my favorite deep conditioner (great for keeping your hair healthy and for a moisturizer for your hair after you color it) - Ion Repair Solutions Effective Care Treatment - it claims to "Strengthen and moisturize weak, damaged hair". It is 100% vegan too! It was on sale for $7.99 so I couldn't have been happier, this is a great product!

Since I bought 3 hair colors (only two are shown above because the third color is for my bestie) I also got a free gift - Ion Color Brilliance Holiday Wristlet - this is a sparkly silver wristlet with sequins on it. Inside was a hair color applicator which I really needed and two hair clips. If you by 3 Ion Color Brilliance hair colors in the month of November you will get this free gift too.

Lastly I bought a couple of nail polishes. I just couldn't help myself. 


I picked up an Orly polish in the color "Oui" which is from the Holiday Soiree collection ($6.49) and a China Glaze CRACKLEglaze in "Black Mesh" ($6.99). (More posts coming soon featuring these!)

 That is everything I got from Sally's. Please check all of these products out for yourselves, I promise you will love them! Thanks as always for reading and I will talk to you all in my next post.

Peace + Love

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  1. Little old now, but I wanted to say that if you keep the neck of the bottle clean, this clumping disaster won't happen. And it WILL happen on other types and brands of polishes also. Once you get polish on the outside threads of the bottle, the polish also gets on the inside of the lid, and then they will stick together, and the polish begins to dry out because there is no longer an airtight seal. Also, make sure you store your bottles upright, and don't leave the lids off any longer than necessary for painting your nails to prevent the polish from drying prematurely. (Nail polish lover here!)