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Collective Drugstore Haul - Part 2: Nails

Hey everybody,

I hope all of you had an awesome weekend! Mine was busy but a good one. 

Today, as promised, I am going to share the second part of my huge collective drugstore haul . This part of the haul will include nail polish and nail art goodies. These are new items in my collection that I have purchased at many different times and places over the past few months.

First I will start off with the nail polishes I got.



From L to R: Revlon Nail Polishes in: "305 Sublime Strawberry" (scented), "210 Electric Pink", "315 Pretty in Papaya" (scented), "350 Raspberry Rapture" (scented), "507 Fire Fox" (matte suede finish), "Black with Envy" (black/green duo chrome finish), Revlon Nail Art Frenchmix in "Moonstruck".

Revlon Scented Nail Polish: These are great polishes if you are into scented ones, because they truly do smell like the names suggest they should. They come in multiple finishes, with and without glitter. They are very pigmented, easy to apply and cost about $4-6 depending on where you get them. I even purchased some of the ones above for $2 at Dollarama! I love these!

Revlon Matte Suede Nail Polish in "Fire Fox": The finish is exactly as it says in it's name, it looks very matte with a suede finish. I found it to be super interesting since I don't have any like this. This polish is truly unique and I would love to try out more shades from Revlon that give this effect.

Revlon Nail Polish in "Black with Envy": This polish has a black and green duo chrome effect to it. It changes between the two colors depending upon the lighting you are in. I really enjoyed this one, once again I would love to get more polishes from Revlon in this type of finish.

Revlon Nail Art Frenchmix in "Moonstruck": This product is absolutely gorgeous! I have used both colors separately and together in many different ways. The pigmentation on this particular one is medium so I did need 2-3 coats to get good color pay off but applying the extra coat is so worth it for the effect it gives. If you can get your hands on these double ended nail art polishes from Revlon grab some!! I want to get my hands on a few more myself of course.

 ***please excuse the appearance of these polishes, some of the writing on the products has rubbed off, I got most of them in the summer time and it was so humid it came off while I was applying.***


Complete Salon Manicure in "640 Plum Luck" (creamy plum color), Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in "240 Twisted Pink" (hot pink color with orange and gold glitter), Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in "220 Celeb City" (metallic glittery silver shade), Crackle Overcoat in "10 Coral Collide",  Magnetic Nail Color in "905 Red-y Response", Insta Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat

Complete Salon Manicure in "Plum Luck": I have a lot more shades from this line and I am a huge fan of all of them! This one is no exception - it's a creamy dark plum color - perfect for fall/winter!

Hard as Nails Extreme Wear Polishes: I would have to say these are my all time favorite nail polishes from the drugstore.  They are only $2.47 at Wal-Mart and the range of colors and finishes that they offer in this line is incredible. I am sure everyone in the world who can access Sally Hansen products has tried these, so that's all I will say about them for now.

Crackle Overcoat in "Coral Collide": I adore this so much, it provides a sparkly coral shattered effect and looks beautiful over so many different colors. I will have a NOTW coming up on this soon!

Magnetic Nail Color in "Red-y Response": Unfortunately I don't have anything to say about this product yet because I haven't got the chance to use it. I may feature it in a future nail of the week or tutorial, so look out for that!

Insta Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat: I used to use this top coat years ago before I tried other insta dry top coats such as Seche Vite and Essie's Good to Go. This one has become a favorite again and I have been repurchasing it for the past few months. It is $6.88 at Wal-Mart. I give this top coat a 5 star review because it helps your nail polish last long, dries it within 60 seconds, provides a glossy shiny look and most of all I love it because it doesn't smell bad on your nails for hours after you use it! Try this if you haven't, you won't be disappointed!!


Wild Shine in "Kaleidoscope" (beautiful glitter finish), Wild Shine in "Red Red", Wild Shine in "Pretty in Pink", Megalast in "Tropicalia"

Wild Shine Nail Polishes: These polishes are some of the most affordable you can get at the drugstore. In Canada Wal-Mart is the cheapest place to buy makeup, so I buy most of my drugstore stuff there. These cost less than $2 and come in a decent amount of colors and finishes. For the price, you can't go wrong - they don't last the longest but they are pigmented and apply nicely.

Megalast Nail Polish in "Tropicalia": I really am impressed with the formula of this polish and I have heard the other polishes in this line are just as nice. These cost less than $3, so at that price I will be trying more soon! I think there are only less than 10 shades in the line, but from what I have seen the colors in it are pretty. This particular polish is a creamy coral color, it is very pigmented and never streaky when applying. It has a very large brush on it as well, so it covers your whole nail in nearly one stroke!  Let me know if you have tried these and what shades you love!

NYC (New York Color)

NYC in a New York Minute quick dry nail polish from L to R: "276 Big City Dazzle" (gorgeous glitter top coat), "224 Times Square", "238 MoMa", "294 Lexington Yellow"

NYC in a New York Minute quick dry Nail Polishes: At my local Wal-Mart these polishes are 2 for $3, so I picked up 4, for the $1.50 price tag, these polishes are definitely worth it! If you are on a budget or can't afford much nail polish but want to own a larger variety of colors, get these! They are pigmented and the formula is just as good as an expensive polish. I really like these and have quite a few more in my own stash.


Maybelline New York Color Show nail polishes in "220 Orange Fix", "30 Purple Possibilities" (shatter/crackle effect), "310 Iced Queen"

Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Polishes: Again, I have to point out that drugstore brands are stepping up their game lately. I was so surprised at the pigmentation and how gorgeous these polishes are. Maybelline offers so many finishes in this line from matte, to denim, to shatter. The cost $2.98 at Wal-Mart. I highly recommend these!


Base Coat Top Coat PRO and Lasting Finish PRO in "400 Lava Red"

Base Coat Top Coat PRO: This works amazing as a base coat, which is what I use it for. It keeps anything from staining my nails and does it's job well. It works nicely as a top coat too, but it is not as good as a quick dry as it takes longer. Cost: $4-6 depending on where you get it.

Lasting Finish PRO in "Lava Red": This shade has a duo chrome finish, in some light it looks black or very dark brown, and in other light it looks like a beautiful dark red color. It's like no other polish I have seen and I got lots of compliments on how neat this looks when I was wearing it. All the polishes in the Lasting Finish PRO line are fantastic and they really do last 7-10 days on your nails. Cost: $4-6 depending on where you get it.



Kleancolor Nail to Toe Nail Art Lacquer: I got these for only $1 at Everything For A Dollar Store! They are the polishes with the very thin brushes on them so you can do various types of designs like stripes and even french tips. They are pigmented and work so well, I am sad that I only picked up 5! $1 is such a great price for a product that preforms just as good as a high end one. I apologize for not being able to provide names for these, they don't have any.


Charm Max Nail Art Pens: I also got these at Everything For a Dollar Store for $1! They have very thin, fine tips on the end of them. You can use them to do just about any nail design you want, including small drawings. I have used these a lot for cheetah print and half moon manicure designs. PHENOMENAL quality for the price. I apologize again, no names are on these ones either.



Salon Express Nail Art Stamping Kit: This is an As Seen on TV product. Salon Express claims you can instantly stamp pre-designed images on your nails. They also claim it is great for manis and pedis and that it is fun, neat and easy to use. I haven't even taken this product out of the package so I have nothing to say about it right now. I may do a review on this or write a post on it if I recommend it. Please comment below if you want a review on this product and I will do one for sure! I am excited to try this, I think it will be super cool if it works like they claim it does!


Bodico French Manicure Tip Guides: I can't wait to use these! I have so many ideas for french manicure type designs. These will most likely be used in a tutorial very soon!


The last two random items in my haul are just a glass nail file (which I have been enjoying much more than the regular ones lately!) and a cuticle clean up pen (I usually use an orange stick to clean up around that area, but I thought I would try the correction pen).


So there you have it ladies, that is most of the nail goodies that have been added to my stash in the past few months. All of the nail polishes featured in this post are some of my favorite from the drugstore, so if you are new to makeup, check out some products from the brands shown above - they are all so affordable, you will have a massive nail polish collection in no time!

I hope you all enjoyed my haul.

What have you purchased lately? What are your favorite brands and polishes from the drugstore that you would recommend to anyone? I would love to know so leave me a comment below!!

Have a good Monday tomorrow. More posts are definitely coming soon!

As always thank you so much for reading and supporting!

PEACE and LOVE until next time!


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