Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Products in the Spotlight: Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup (Review)

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 I finally have a computer that works!! So I will be posting often on this blog again! I am super excited, I missed blogging so much!! Before I get started I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for being so patient while I've been gone - I appreciate it so much. With all that being said, I thought I would get back into the swing of things by continuing on with my Products in the Spotlight series.

Today's Product in the Spotlight is Revlon's ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup.

Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup in 220 Nude

I am sure you have all already heard about this foundation and maybe a lot of you have tried it yourselves, but for all the people who haven't - I really think you should try it!

I have extremely dry skin, especially in the fall and winter months and when I picked up this foundation, I thought it would be like most of the other foundations I have tried throughout the years that made me look "cakey", showcasing all of my dry patches. The first time I applied this makeup on my skin I was actually very impressed with the results.

Now that I have told you a little bit about my skin type, I am going to tell you why I give this product a 5 star review. 

Texture: The name of this foundation describes the texture perfectly - it is thick and super creamy, a little bit goes a long way! It's easy to apply with your fingers or a brush and it blends into your skin like a dream.

Lasting Power: Revlon claims this foundation lasts for 24 hours on your skin. I do not wear my makeup for that long but I will say that it lasts on my skin from the moment I put it on until I take it off (usually 12-14 hours later).

Coverage: For my skin, this foundation provides me with FULL coverage for the most part. I have bad under eye circles so I still use concealer in those spots, but other than that this foundation makes my uneven skin tone look super flawless. It even does a great job of covering most blemishes and scars!

Price: I paid approximately $17.00 CAD for this foundation at my local Wal-Mart. 

Things I did not like about this product:

Packaging: As most people who own this would say: the glass jar the product is packaged in is quite heavy and bulky - making it more difficult  for toting around in your makeup bag or handbag as it adds a lot of extra weight and is not compact.

Color Selection: I would say that they have a pretty good color selection for all skin types. However, I had trouble choosing the right shade for me, as there were no testers. The packaging also makes it hard to see the exact color of the foundation through the thick glass. Fortunately for me I made a good guess and chose a shade that matches me perfectly.

Overall Thoughts:

I absolutely love this foundation! The coverage, texture, lasting power and how it makes my dry, uneven skin look flawless is amazing. I would recommend this product for all skin types from very dry to oily to combination. Although this foundation is a bit pricey for a drugstore product, I would pay the $17 for it again, it is totally worth the splurge. I will continue to purchase this product until I find another one that will impress me just as much.

Photo of me wearing the foundation:

I hope this review helps those of you who are deciding whether or not this is the right foundation for your skin! Don't forget to let me know what your thoughts are if you have tried this. I would also love to know what foundation you are using if you are not using this one and why you love it, so please leave me a comment below! Comment as well if you have any questions about this product or anything else!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week, it's snowing heavily here in Edmonton today!

Peace and love until next time!

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  1. everyone loves this foundation! i really wanna try it out! :)

  2. Hey Vicky :) you really should try it, I don't think you will be disappointed! Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog!

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  5. Negi, thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for reading! It made my day to hear that my tips have helped you! :)