Tuesday, 4 October 2011

10 Helpful Makeup tips for beginners!

10 Makeup tips - for beginners <3

Hey girls!! I wanted to share some tips with some of you who may be beginners with makeup. This post is geared more towards people who are just starting out with makeup and want to improve their skills and gain more knowledge about makeup and beauty...which brings me to tip number one...
  1. Educate yourself. The easiest thing you can do to learn about makeup is to watch videos on YouTube. There are so many wonderful and amazing beauty gurus who make videos that teach you all about the tools and products you need and how to use them to enhance your natural beauty. I have learned a lot of what I know about beauty from those ladies who are nice enough to share their tips and tricks with the world. That is just one example of how you can educate yourself. Just make sure you know how to apply your makeup. Learn about application tools and what they are used for. Learn about your skin tone and face shape. Learn about what shades and colors work for you.
  2. Experiment!! Practice almost always makes perfect! Play around with your makeup on days when you aren't going anywhere; that way if you mess up or don't like what you end up with, no one has to see you. You can LEARN how to apply makeup all you want, but if you don't practice the techniques, you will never KNOW how to apply it and it just won't look good on you.
  3. When you are a beginner, less IS more. Start out with learning techniques using neutral colors close to your skin tone. Once you have the general application techniques down, start experimenting with things that are more than basic. Overall always have fun with it of course!
  4. ALWAYS remove all of your makeup at night before you go to bed. Not doing so can lead to things such as eye/skin infections and premature aging.
  5. Keep your products and tools sanitary and clean. Wash your brushes, sponges and applicators regularly to ensure your products and skin stay germ free! Using clean tools in your products will make their expiry time longer.
  6. Use primer! On your face and eye lids! It helps your makeup adhere to your skin better and makes your look last much longer than without it.
  7. When applying foundation, always blend into your jawline and your neck. You don't want to look like you are two different colors! :) Blending your foundation into these areas makes it look much more natural and flawless.
  8. Read Reviews on products before you buy them. This will give you a better idea if a product will or will not work for you, etc. And it can really help you save money from buying products you can't use because they are not right for you. (www.chickadvisor.com is a great site to read reviews on many products.)
  9. Curl your eyelashes. Some people say this is bad for your lashes, but I have never found it to do any damage to mine. Curling your eyelashes opens your eye wider and makes you look more awake. It also greatly intensifies the look of whatever mascara you use making the product more worth your money.
  10. Read "Making Faces" - by Kevyn Aucoin. My best friend, who is a Makeup Artist lent this to me. Reading this book beginning to end will really help you learn about cosmetics and how to apply them. It also has a whole bunch of looks that it teaches you how to create. If you want to learn about all the tools and tricks and tips for makeup, it's a great read and I highly recommend it to beginners and makeup lovers of all types! You can also just read any beauty book, there are other great ones out there too!

I think these are some awesome tips for beginners and you'll be well on your way to enhancing your natural beauty (or becoming an artist with cosmetics) in no time if you follow these tips! =) 

As always, thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment and say hi!

Peace and <3

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