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Fall 2011 Makeup Tutorial

Fall 2011 Makeup Tutorial - featuring metallic eyeshadow and double winged eyeliner

Hi everybody! I just got home from a dinner party, and decided I wanted to share my makeup look that I wore this evening with all of you because I used so many fall trends for 2011! I apologize in advance for posting once again AFTER my busy day when my appearance isn't 100%. I also wanted to let you know that I am working on improving my photo quality as well. I am new at this so I am still getting used to my new camera. I hope you all try this fall inspired makeup look or use it for inspiration for creating one of your own!

Here is a shot of my entire face makeup:

I chose Berry cheeks and nude lips to polish everything off!

Here is another look at the eyes, as they are the heart of the tutorial.

This eye look was actually very simple and took little time and tools to complete.

Here are the products and tools that I used:

In the photo: NYX Single eyeshadow in "Midnight", Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips custom eye enhancing gel creamliner for Hazel eyes (this comes with two other stackable colors, a brown and a purple), NYX Single eyeshadow in "Daisy", Hard Candy Eye Def metallic eyeshadow in "Golden Earth" and NYX Doll Eye Mascara in Volume. Brushes: The little black one is one that comes with Maybelline gel eyeliner, and Eco Tools travel size blending brush.

To get the eye look: First apply a dark silvery charcoal shade (I used NYX's "Midnight", a dark charcoal color with gold glitter), use a fluffy blending brush to apply this to the outer third of your eyelid blending into your entire crease until you reach the bottom of your brow bone. Using a fluffy blending brush to apply the dark color will ensure it's blended properly and that there are no harsh lines.

Next take a wet metallic gold shadow and place it on the rest of your lid and a bit into your inner crease blending it in with the charcoal color already applied with a brush or your finger depending on the type of metallic shadow you are working with. You can use a mixing medium and a pigment, or just a really vibrant gold shadow, or what I used which is a wet to dry shadow (Hard Candy's Eye Def metallic shadow in "Golden Earth"). If you choose to use the Hard Candy one like I did, work quickly, because it dries fast and doesn't budge.

After you have those two colors blended, clean off your blending brush and take a metallic light gold, glittery or not - whichever you prefer and highlight your brow bone and inner corner/tear duct area of your eye. (I used NYX's "Daisy" for this, it's a medium gold color with gold glitter but can go on lightly when used with a light hand.)

After this take an eyeliner that you can make wings well with, and apply the same metallic gold shade you used on your lid to your lower lash line and wing it out upwards towards where your brow ends. Next, clean off your eyeliner brush and dip it into a dark black cream/gel (or liquid if you want) and create your wing with this on your upper lash line. Make sure you use small strokes when applying this to ensure you get an even line and that it is connected to the bottom wing you made so that they are the same length. Start in the middle of your lash line and work your way in creating a thin line in this area, then create the rest of your line making it thicker towards the outer part of your eye. To make the wing, draw a line diagonally upwards toward where the end of your eye brow is to your desired length with the gel liner starting at the very outer corner of your eye and then connect it with the line you have already made making it as thick as you like. (Same step basically as you did to wing out on the bottom.) If you are new at doing winged eyeliner, this will take some practice. Also apply the black creme/gel liner to your tight line and water line.

Lastly just curl your lashes and apply your favorite volumizing mascara and you'll have a look similar to mine!

On the rest of my face here are the products and tools that I used:
Products shown: NYC Individual Eyes for green eyes quad in "940 Central Park", Femme Couture Flawless Touch creme foundation in "Golden Sand", Physician's Formula Happy Booster glow and mood booster powder in "Translucent", Hard Candy Moon Glow luminizing powder in "Luminizing", Revlon PhotoReady concealer in "Light", Femme Couture Mineral Effects blush in "Sweet Blush".

In the photo: Travel size large eyeshadow brush by Eco Tools, Small and large powder brushes by Eco Tools, Posh travel size blush brush.

You can apply whatever you like to the rest of your face with this look, many blush and bronzer combos would look great with the eyes. I chose a Berry blush for Fall and a natural bronzing/contouring shade. To get the look on my face, apply your primer, foundation and concealer as normal. I used the foundation and concealer above and applied both with my clean fingers. Next I set all of that with a translucent powder that has a tiny bit of shimmer using the Physician's Formula Happy Booster powder (with the big powder brush). Then I took the smaller Eco Tools powder brush and applied the matte brown shade second to the top in the NYC quad above to all of the areas on my face where the sun would naturally hit and darken. I then applied my berry colored blush with the Posh Blush brush and I used the large travel sized eyeshadow brush to apply the Hard Candy moon glow as a highlight on the top of my cheek bones and down the middle of my nose and on my cupid's bow.

I chose to keep my lips as nude as possible because everything else on my face is was so vibrant. Here is what I used:
Hard Candy Glossaholic lip gloss in ""Fairy" and Hard Candy Visibly Wet shockingly glossy lip pencil in "Cupcake". (These are from the Fall 2011 collection and I love them ever so much!)

I used the lip pencil first, it is very pigmented, but the color actually turns out to be a very light baby pink when you put it on your lips, and I just topped it off with the beautiful light pink glittery gloss! (Very light lips were also seen on fashion show runways for Fall/Winter 2011)

I love being in style and in with all the trends, I just think it's so cool to keep up with them and try out new things. I hope I inspired you to do a look with this tutorial and that you enjoyed reading it!

If you are reading this and have any requests for me or anything that you would like me to post about, feel free to comment below. I would be happy to have some suggestions! Thanks for reading.

Love <3

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