Monday, 3 October 2011

PRODUCT RAVE REVIEW!!! Wet n Wild Color Icon shadows

Wet n Wild - Color Icon Eye Shadows!! 

I can't say enough about how amazing these eye shadows are. They come in singles (approx. $2), trios (approx.$4), six pan palettes (approx $5), and they also come in 8 pan  palettes (don't worry, I'll be trying those ones soon!) and they cost approx $6. These are so affordable and sold wherever you can buy Wet n Wild, they compare to MAC and other "high end" shadows, if not better especially in regards to pigmentation. If you don't believe me...try them for yourself. There is much more than what I have personally in the Color Icon collection. There is a huge color range with neutrals and colors that are bold and more out there for more experienced beautistas! Above is what I own so far in the Color Icon collection, and I plan on getting my hands on as many of the shadows as I can! I am just going to show you more up close what they look like and tell you the names of the colors in case you want to pick some of these up for yourself!

Let's start off with the single shadows I own:

Shades from left to right: "Sugar" - a sparkly white. "Brulee" - a matte pale skin tone color that perfectly matches mine, this is my favorite eyeshadow that I own, yes I said it. This eyeshadow is so soft (not chalky) and creamy and it highlights and blends shadows SO well. Next is "Nutty", another one of my favorites...this is a satiny taupe color...sooo gorgeous. The green one is called "Envy" - this is a dark satin finish emerald green color. Lastly we have "Kitten" - a medium toned purple shade with gold sparkles!! <3 These single shadows are so fantastic, so pigmented, and the shades are unique...

I will talk next about the only Color Icon trio I own:

This one is in "Sweet As Candy". The palette has a shimmery light beigy highlighter color, a shimmery dark brown, and a satin finish beautiful rosey pink. I use this palette the least of all of the ones I own but it is beautiful just like all the others, pigmented of course!

Last but not least, the 6 pan palettes, and these happen to be my favorite shadows from the Color Icon collection. Here's a couple pictures of the two palettes I own:

These 6 pan palettes have 3 completely matte shades, and 3 special shimmery shades. On the left is "Vanity" and on the right is "Greed".

The Vanity palette is very neutral but can also be used for a dramatic night time or event look. There is a mini "Brulee" (I showed you the single above), a matte light to medium toned brown - perfect for the crease for a very natural look or for a transition color - and then there is matte a dark reddish burgundy brown. On the other side there is a shimmery champagne color, a very beautiful warm toned antique gold color, and a shimmery warm toned dark brown.

The Greed palette is one of the most unique palettes I have ever owned (they both are really but this one more so). For the matte shades, there is another mini "Brulee", a matte medium peach color (love, love), and a matte black. The shimmery shades: the top blue toned purple color is another favorite of mine, it has the most beautiful gold shimmer to it and it almost looks duo chrome. Then there is a shimmery light peach color with gold sparkle (<3) and lastly a sparkly black with finely milled multi-colored glitters. 

So over all, I give these palettes 5 stars for pretty much everything!! Pigmentation, great color range, amazing price, they are unique and original, packaging is ok. They are just amazing shadows and I truly believe they kick some serious butt compared to some of these other brands on the market - just my thoughts!

I hope you all give these a try even if you don't enjoy drug store makeup these rock, I'm tellin ya ladies! :)

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