Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Products in the Spotlight: Hard Candy - Glossaholic lip gloss and Visibly Wet Shockingly Glossy lip pencils

Hard Candy - Glossaholic lip gloss and Visibly Wet  Shockingly Glossy lip pencils

Hey Ladies! On my Facebook page (link is on the right side of this page  -----> ) I have a photo album that I update frequently that's called "Products in the Spotlight". In this album I feature products that I feel people should know about and they are usually affordable but if they are not in the affordable category then they are there because they are worth the money. I decided each time I post a photo to the album, I will blog about it as well since not everyone who reads my blog is necessarily on my Facebook page.  

Today I am going to be talking about some Hard Candy lip products that I am absolutely loving right now - The Glossaholic lip glosses and the Visibly Wet Shockingly Glossy lip pencils! These are sold at WalMart and both are $4.98 each in Canada. If you can get your hands on Hard Candy, I highly suggest you check these two products out. For the price and the amount of product you get - and the quality, packaging and uniqueness found in all other Hard Candy products of course, these products are worth every penny!

I am going to talk about each product separately. I will also be showing swatches of each color that I have. (Please bear with me, I am new at blogging and swatching, I will get better - I promise!! :) )

Glossaholic Lip Glosses:

The shades I own shown in the photo are "Fairy" (a very light baby pink color with multi colored glitters), "Fireball" (a hot red color with glitter that shines gold, green and orange!) and "Gorgeous" (a berry pink color with similar glitter to what is the red shade).

If you do not like glittery lip gloss, then I definitely don't recommend these ones to you. They are so glittery, shiny and glossy. I personally love glittery glosses, so these ones are right up my alley! In regards to the packaging these lip glosses are huge! The wand and the sponge tip applicator are so much larger when you compare them to the size of a regular average gloss. The formula itself is ever so slightly sticky (barely noticeable but enough to make the gloss last a long time) and I would say the glosses have medium pigmentation. Here are some swatches:

From top to bottom: "Fireball", "Gorgeous" and "Fairy".

With flash.

Without Flash

I can't wait to get more glosses from this collection! I am enjoying them a lot!

Visibly Wet Shockingly Glossy lip pencils:

These are the two pencils that I own. Hard Candy has many more shades with various amounts of pigmentation in this line. The red one in the photo above is called "Must Have" this is the perfect red for my skin tone that I have been looking for! The pigmentation for this one is buildable to high. The light pink shade is called "Cupcake" depending upon how pigmented your lips are this one can be built to a medium pigmentation. It just provides that perfect touch of pink, good for when you are wearing a bold eye and want a nuder lip. The finish of these pencils is amazing! It is like having a lip liner, a lipstick and a gloss all in one! The formula is creamy, moisturizing and glossy without any glitter or shimmer. I use these alone all the time and sometimes I use them with the glosses above - they always look great and I can't wait to get some more! Here are some swatches:

"Must Have" and "Cupcake" - with flash.

 Once again I love the glossy creamy finish, these pencils are original and I would recommend them to anyone!


I hope you all enjoyed my very first "Products in the Spotlight" post and that you go get yourself some of these Hard Candy lip products! You can see most of Hard Candy's products on their website - www.hardcandy.com - so feel free to look at the rest of the shades and pick up the ones that are YOU. :)

Many more great posts and product reviews/recommendations are on the way!

Thanks as always for reading!

Peace and <3

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