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My Top Ten AFFORDABLE makeup brands!

My top 10 favorites - Affordable Cosmetic Brands!

Hey ladies! I am going to post today about my top 10 favorite makeup brands that are AFFORDABLE and still amazing. These brands that I am going to talk about are a bargain for your money and I couldn't live without them! I am going to show you some items from each brand that I pulled out of my collection. These are not necessarily my entire collection for the brands mentioned I just wanted to give you all a general idea of some of the products these brands sell. I am also going to give you a brief description about each brand and why I love them so much! Read on if you want to see some great examples of affordable makeup!

#1 - NYX Cosmetics
NYX products in the photo: NYX single eyeshadow in "Frosted Lilac", "Rust" and "Midnight". NYX "For Your Eyes Only" 10 pan palette for green eyes. NYX Mosaic powder in "Rosey", NYX concealer in a jar in "Fair", NYX "Lip Smacking Fun Colors" lipstick in "Narcissus", NYX lipliner pencils in "Rose" and "Tangerine", NYX Mega Shine lip gloss in "French Kiss". NYX Eye/Eyebrow pencils in "Dark Brown" and "Purple", NYX Doll Eye mascara in "Volume", NYX Jumbo eye pencils in "Gold" and "French Fries" and NYX Ultra Pearl Mania pigments in "Yellow Gold" and "Nude Pearl".

NYX Cosmetics  is up there on the list for my favorite brand of cosmetics. Prices range for their products depending upon where you get them and what the product is, but it's ALWAYS affordable and the quality of NYX products are amazing. NYX can be purchased at many drugstores all over the world, at, and at discounted prices on I recommend this brand to everyone, they have a very wide selection of products and shades and things that suit people of all skin tones and ages. NYX products are unique and so fun to use.

#2 - Hard Candy
Hard Candy products in the photo: Hard Candy So Baked bronzer in "Tiki", Moon Glow luminizing powder, Welcome Matte powder in "Mattifying", Fox in a Box blush/bronzer duo in "Truth or Dare", Glossaholic lipgloss in "Gorgeous", Plumping Serum volumizing lip gloss in "Pink Lady",  Sheer Envy skin perfecting face primer, a mini Glow All The Way face and body luminizer in "Doll Face", Hide and Glow Cheek duo cheek tint in "Pillow Talk", Button You Lip ultra wet lip gloss in "Pixie", automatic lip liner in "Blush", Painted Lady lip color in "Knock-out", tinted lip balm in "Fishnet", LASHAHOLIC Super Volume mascara in "Blackest Black", Eye Def metallic eyeshadow in "Golden Earth" and "Flash", Take Me Out Liner glitter eyeliner pencil in "Notorious", and Walk The Line liquid eyeliner in "Licorice". 

Hard Candy is another brand that I absolutely love! I own more products from Hard Candy than any other brand that exists. So that pretty much explains in one sentence how much I recommend this brand! Hard Candy is a brand for people who are more "out there" with their makeup. If you are a more neutral look type of girl this brand may not be a favorite for you. Hard Candy is very affordable, I have not seen a product from this brand over $10. Another pro is that the expiry recommendations on Hard Candy's products say they should last a long time, which means their formulas are made to last making it even more worth your money! And the best pro of all about this brand, is that they list on every product that they DO NOT test on animals. <3 It is unfortunately exclusively sold at Walmart so you can only buy it if you live in Canada and the United States. That is the only con I have to say about Hard Candy, I really think they should sell it everywhere in the world!

#3 - Eco Tools

I am not sure of the exact names of all of the brushes shown in the photo, but I own almost every makeup brush made by Eco Tools so if you see one you like go to your local drugstore (most drugstores sell it!). They are all natural brushes made from synthetic fibers. These are the SOFTEST brushes I have ever owned or tried. These are my favorite brushes and I use most of them every time I do my makeup. They apply products great, they are A+ quality, and when you wash them they do not shed or lose shape. I strongly urge you to go and try these if you haven't! I believe they range from $3 - $12 at most drugstores. I have nothing bad to say about these brushes! I will always use them.

#4 - Revlon
Revlon products in the photo: Revlon ColorStay mineral finishing powder in "Brighten", Matte powder blush in "Perfectly Peach", PhotoReady stick concealer in "Light", Revlon Eye lash curler, Super Lustrous lip balm in "Pink Crystal", Super Lustrous lip gloss in "Peach Petal", ColorBurst lip gloss in "Peony", ColorStay liquid eye pen in "Blackest Black", PhotoReady liquid foundation in "Vanilla", ColorStay Aqua mineral foundation in "Fair", Age Defying with "DNAdvantage" cream foundation in "Fresh Ivory", Beyond Natural skin matching foundation with SPF 15 in "Light", Nail polishes: "Hot for Chocolate" and "Bubble Gum".

I won't say much about Revlon, since most people know about this brand and have tried something from it. It's an awesome one, they have everything from makeup to hair tools and although they are a pricier drugstore brand Revlon's products are still affordable compared to most higher end brands. Revlon is a brand trusted by many women all around the world and it had to be in my top 10!

#5 - Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen products in the photo: from left to right - Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes in "Gilty Pleasure", "Shell We Dance" and "Midnight in NY". Insta Dry anti-chip top coat, Diamond Shine base and top coat, Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear nail polishes in "Bubblegum Pink" and "Rockstar Pink", Sally Hansen nail file.

 Sally Hansen can as well be sold at most drugstores. All I currently own from Sally Hansen is nail products (many more than what is shown above), but they also make products for eyes and lips too and makeup tools. I trust this brand and I have been using it for years. When I use up some of the makeup I currently have, I will be sure to check out more of Sally Hansen's products - because their nail products are such great quality so I am sure everything else they make is too!

#6 - Rimmel London
Rimmel London products shown: Glam Eyes mono eyeshadows in "Royal Linen" and "Dusk", Glam Eyes quad eyeshadow in "Smokey Purple", Lasting Finish blendable powder blush in "Berry", Professional eyebrow pencil in "Hazel", Stay Glossy lip gloss in "Non-stop Glamor", Moisture Renew cream lip gloss in "Pink Benefit", Lasting Finish lipstick in "Airy Fairy", Moisture Renew lipstick in "Latino". Nailpolish "Blackout", "Stiletto Red", "Night Before".

My favorite Rimmel products are their nail polishes! All the lines have gorgeous colors that last long and take only one quick coat to apply. Of course I enjoy all of my other Rimmel London products too, or it wouldn't have made this list. Rimmel sells everything from foundation to primer to things like I have above. Nice quality and formula for a great price!

#7 - Femme Couture
Femme Couture products shown: Femme Couture Flawless Touch creme foundation in "Golden Sand", Mineral Effects eyeshadows in "Truffle" and "Pink Sand", Super Juicy Sheer lip gloss with vitamin E, Mineral Effects baked eyeshadow in "Pinkini", Lip Luster lip glosses in "Creamy Coral" and "Berries n' Creme, Mineral Effects blush in "Sweet Blush".

I just discovered Femme Couture about 5 or 6 months ago and I am so happy I did. In the photo is everything I have thus far in my Femme Couture collection and I adore all of the products. It can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply stores, sadly I don't think it is sold anywhere else. If you have a Sally's near you, definitely try these products out! I can't wait to expand my Femme Couture collection. The prices are right and so is the quality! <3 Femme Couture!

#8 - NYC (New York Color)
NYC products shown: Cheek Glow in "West Side Wine", Matte Bronzer in "Sunny", Individual Eyes quad for green eyes in "Central Park", Color Wheel Mosaic face powder in "Pink Cheek Glow", Blushable Creme Stick in "Plaza Pink", NYC Smooth Skin loose face powder in "Translucent", In a New York Minute quick dry nail polishes in "Prince Street" and "Prospect Park Pink".

I remember buying NYC when I was a teenager, because it was so inexpensive it was all I could afford. I don't remember how the quality of NYC's products were back then but I do know that it is awesome now. NYC has totally stepped up their game in aspects of things such as quality, color selection and product originality. It is one of the most inexpensive brands I know and the prices are so reasonable that I sometimes have to look twice! If you are on a budget, try these products!

#9 - Wet n Wild
Wet n Wild products in the photo: Coloricon Blusher in "Pearlescent Pink", 6 pan Coloricon eyeshadow palette in "Greed", Coloricon trio in "Sweet As Candy", Wild Shine nail polish in "Sparked", Coloricon single eyeshadows in "Kitten" and "Brulee".

Just like NYC, Wet n Wild is one of the most inexpensive brands I know of and they are also stepping up their game with quality while still keeping their prices almost unbeatable! I only own Coloricon eyeshadows (a lot more than shown above) and the blush and the nail polish. What I do own rocks for the price I paid for it, so I will be trying other Wet n Wild products in the future.

#10 - ELF (Eye Lips Face Cosmetics)
Elf products shown: 32 piece eyeshadow palette (Studio), Complexion Perfection powder (Studio), Eyeshadow primer (Mineral),  Eyeshadow quad in "Nouveau  Neutrals" (Professional), Shimmer eyeliner pencils in Gold and Black [sorry ladies, mine do not have names on them] (Professional) , Natural Radiance Blusher in "Innocence" (Professional), Minty Lip gloss in "Los Angeles" (Studio), Luscious liquid lipstick in "Strawberry" (Professional),  Eyeshadow brush (Professional), Blending eye brush (professional).

Elf products are super affordable!! They have 3 main lines Professional (most products in this line are $1), Studio (most cost $3 in this line), and Mineral (approx $5 per product). They have anything and everything you could EVER need to do your makeup with. My experiences with ELF products have varied but for the most part, I loved mostly everything I have tried from all 3 lines. It can be purchased at Winners/Zellers in Canada and at Target in the USA, however everything they sell is on their website, and they ALWAYS have some sort of sale going on. If you are on a budget and you are looking for something new and you haven't tried ELF Cosmetics yet, go for it and give ELF a try!


I hope you all try out some of these brands and products for yourself, you will see how good they are for the price you pay for them! I had so much fun writing this and sharing my top 10 with you. Please share yours with me too! :)

Have a good Friday and a Great weekend. Thanks for reading!

Peace and Love


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  2. Aww thanks so much for reading hun, it means so much to me! I also want to thank you for inspiring me to be myself and not give up. All I need are great people like you and my bestie reading, at least I know I am reaching you two with my words! I love your personality and that you are genuine and caring. Thanks for being you and keep the great videos coming! <3

  3. i love femme couture! I didn't even know where to get anything from them b/c my cousin just gave me the loose matte eye shadow from them. I included it in my favorites and never thought nothing else of it. I googled "hard candy", came across your blog to find the femme couture too. funny thing is, is that i am always in sally's and i never noticed them, now i will be heading in there just for the brand! great job on the bloggie blog ima new follower!

  4. Hey Erica! Thanks so much for your comment and for following, totally made my night! :) I hope you find some Femme Couture products next time you go to Sally's, I still think they are amazing. I just spent the last hour reading your blog and you've done a great job yourself. <3 I look forward to future posts and you are super beautiful. Have an awesome week!

  5. Hi Carrie, I love your blog. How are you & Seb? We are good here in Kettering.

  6. Thank you so much Betsy! :) I miss you, Seb and I are doing ok here, happy to hear you and Doug are well too! <3 We need to chat and catch up on things sometime soon! xox